Leather covered corners protect the webbing from sun UV and chafe. Stain-

less steel clew slugs are standard.

Headboards and Rings are rivited and webbed on for dura-bility.

Velcro insert batten pockets come standard, other options are shown on Mainsail Spec page

Fiberglass non-

tappered battens are included along with a "pusher"

Class insignias, sail numbers and draft stripes can be added in your color choice.

A Variety of Full Batten end fittings are available along with the slides to fit your boat

Our "BlueWater" finish includes double leech and luff tapes, larger radial corner patches and "Leech Diamonds" on each seam for superior durability.

Leech cords and metal cleats are standard along with stainless pressed grommets for the reef points